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The nightclub scene in Toronto is vast and spreads from the Entertainment District  (Adelaide/Richmond area) to south of King Street to Ontario Place while servicing crowds of various ages, backgrounds and taste in music.

Toronto has a very diverse and eclectic club scene.  Most of the night clubs are within walking distance and centralized.  Much of the streets are jammed with club goers and traffic, so it’s best to find parking (if you’ve driven), or take a cab into the club district.  Admission to the clubs varies from $10-$15 on regular nights, but could go as high as $40 on special events.

There are several notable clubs in Toronto.  For the younger college/twenty somethings crowd, there is Guvernment, which is North America’s largest night club complex.  It’s a multi-room club, that holds about 3000 people.  Other clubs with similar crowds include Lot 332, Level/Wetbar/Suite 106, (a 3 in 1 complex), Tryst, Faces, Easy on the 5th and This is London.  There are over twenty happening night clubs in Toronto that are trendy and hip, many of which you could check out while walking around the club district.  Those looking for a more low-key, bar-type night out can find bars dotted everywhere in downtown Toronto.  The more notable bars include The Bier Market (there is one on Esplanade and one on King), Firkin on King, Elephant & Castle, Murphy’s Law, Allen’s and the Real Sports Bar (Toronto’s largest sports bar).

Clubs targeted towards young professionals and the more mature crowd (25+) tend to be located along King Street/Wellington area. Popular hotspots along King St. include Brassaii, Branthouse, Cobra, Maison, Century Room, Cheval and Dolce.  Many upscale lounges and supper clubs can be found in this area including Spice Route, Crush Winebar, Pravda Vodka Bar, Joey’s Bar and Grill, Woo Lounge and Ultra Super Club.  Yorkville is also a popular area for the young professionals and mature crowd.  Keep in mind that along with its upscale and luxurious clubs comes with a more expensive experience for guests.  Prive, One Eleven, Ciao Winebar, Club V and Peridot are all fool-proof selections.

For those that are willing to venture out a little bit further from the downtown core will encounter popular clubs around Ontario Place/CNE area.  Venues include Muzik, Liberty Grand and Fontain Blu, most of which are used to host other special events like banquets, weddings and private parties.  As much as these large venues are grand and exhilerating, they are often only open on special events/holidays that require tickets purchased much in advance so it is best to check online to see if they are open to the public prior to going.

Many of the clubs undergo renovations, and many times a club is completely revamping its entire venue.  So be sure to check out club listings online, or ask locals for the best spots to hit.  The people are all about partying in this city, and at the same time keeping it classy as well.  Finding some place to eat after the club isn’t difficult at all either.  There are many restaurants that are open well after midnight, including diners along Queen Street, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine around China Town and fastfood restaurants conveniently located around every corner in downtown Toronto.

The minimum age to enter night clubs in Toronto is 19 years old, which is also the legal drinking age.  There are also clubs that are 25 and over, for the more mature crowd.  Most of the clubs play a variety of music, anywhere from R&B/hip-hop to house to dance to the Top 40.  You’re not only restricted to checking out the clubs on the weekends, for there are plenty of clubs open throughout the entire week (namely Fridays and industrial night Sundays).